Can you jam wireless credit card machines

Is there any way to jam wireless credit card machines without taking out the cell phone reception in the area? If so, what device would You reccomend?

Many people will buy something like a GPS Car Scrambler simply because they do not like the “Big Brother” approach. Of course, if you do not do anything wrong, you have nothing to fear. Titles like this make the problems more sensational, but sometimes there is a grain of truth in alarmism.

GPS and radar jammers are particularly penalized in Oz, the same country that has one of the highest rates of ‘discreet’ traffic monitoring – of course, speed is a bad thing, but some states will impose a driver at 3km / h on a 60+ limit, and hide cameras in wheelie bins, traffic cones, and so on. It’s really a massive revenue stream.

Still if you want to block the work of any wireless credit card machine without blocking the work of your cell phone there are few ways you can achieve this. First of all you can use advanced 4G smartphone because GSM and 3G signal blockers cannot jam 4G frequency. But if you have more ordinary cell phone then the only way you can jam wireless credit card machines without blocking your own mobile phone is to discover the working frequency of the particular wireless credit card machine you want to block and order multifrequency jammer with this frequency pre-programmed in it.

Although this type of signal jammer has its primary purpose of being used indoors as the stationary desktop jammer, you can use it from your bag in any way, it only cannot fit into your pocket. But it has enough power to deal with the wireless credit card machine effortlessly and not only with it.