Is it really good for students to install jammers in schools?

Students, teachers and parents are not convinced by this measure, which prohibits the use of mobile phones in primary and secondary schools.
The government will ban students from using mobile phones in primary and secondary schools. Children have the right to bring their mobile phones to school, but they cannot use them before leaving school even during breaks.

The proposed ban is part of Emmanuel Macron’s plan during his successful presidential campaign. The Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer announced that the measure will take effect in September 2018 starting from the next school year. It is suitable for all high school students from 6 to 15 years old.

According to Banlanquer, some schools use cell phone interference to prohibit students from using cell phones. He said in the RTL broadcast: “Sometimes you need a mobile phone to respond to an emergency, but you must control its use in one way or another.” The minister clarified that the ban is also “public to the family Health information” and added: “It is best not to let your child touch the screen infrequently or infrequently before the age of seven.”

The French Association of Principals expressed doubts about the successful implementation of the ban. He said: “We are skeptical of this new ministerial announcement because we have difficulty understanding practical issues. In general, we are used to logic and pragmatism, and there is no logic or pragmatism in these announcements.” Deputy Secretary-General Philippe Vincent (Philippe Vincent).

In front of a middle school in central Paris, the students interviewed did not seem to be impressed by the measure. “I don’t know how it will work. Who will get the phone, where will they put them… How will we get them? A 13-year-old boy asked. In another facility, 12-year-old Mathilde said: “It’s ridiculous. At my school, we do not use cell phones during classroom or breaks. So what’s the problem? If someone is caught while chatting on the phone in the bathroom or during lunch break, the phone will be immediately detained and the student will be arrested. ”

Parents don’t look more excited. Sabine said: “This may be a good idea when the children are at school, but they can’t stop them from bringing their mobile phones to them.” “My daughter goes to school and comes back alone, at this time of the year late at night , So I hope she can bring her phone. This is reassuring. She added: “But rather than being banned, is it better to install signal portable jammer in schools? ”

Banlanquer has suggested that schools install telephone lockers, although many urban schools do not have space for them. “Should we turn the school into a huge locker?” Vincent asked. “I did some calculations: 5,300 public schools, each with an average of 500 students, is about 3 million lockers.”

The Parents Association emphasized that any ban would bring serious logistical problems. “How will the school keep the phone?” How do you ensure that the phone is returned to the owner after class? Ask Gérard Pommier, president of the Public School Parents Association. The authorities are currently investigating how to implement the mobile phone ban. “At the ministerial meeting, we put the phone in the locker before entering the phone. In my opinion, any group including the group can do so.”

The minister also supported the introduction of school uniforms, but said he did not want to enforce the use of school uniforms nationwide. He also announced that each institution should set up a choir by January 2019. “Paris” said the government has allocated 20 million euros for this. Government members said that participation in the choir is voluntary, and that “compulsory music course supplements” already exist.