How to bypass the jammer to protect the phone

If you own a smartphone, you may not know that at some time and place you can interrupt phone service without your permission. A mobile phone jammer is a device that encrypts signals on selected frequencies. This encryption prevents your smartphone from sending and receiving signals. If you think your smartphone has been illegally interfered with, you can protect your phone and bypass the portable jammer in a variety of ways.

step 1

Change to another location. If you think your smartphone has been blocked, please consider your location. If you are near a government agency or any place where safety is of paramount importance, please drive in the opposite direction or drive. Most cell phone jammers are programmed to work within a certain radius. If you stay away from this radius, your smartphone will be protected from interference.

Step 2

Destroy the jammer. If it is in a dangerous situation, the power supply of the mobile phone jammer should be destroyed or removed. Mobile phone jammers can be placed in closets, hidden behind walls or placed in the open. The dead end of the mobile phone jammer is the antenna.

third step

Buy a smartphone that works on multiple frequencies. High-tech cell phone jammers will block many frequencies, but other jammers will only block one frequency. If your phone works on multiple frequencies, you can use only other frequencies to protect yourself from interference.

the fourth step

Contact law enforcement agencies. Different states and cities have different laws regarding the use of cell phone jammers. Some regions have strict laws against them, while others only allow them to be in certain places. If you think someone is using the jammer illegally, please call the police to see if they can grab the jammer from their owner.