Points to be aware of for mobile phone jammers

1. Mobile phone jammers must not interfere with the uplink of the base station.

Currently, due to lack of R&D capabilities, some jammer manufacturers provide cell phone jammers that seriously interfere with the uplink of the base station, resulting in abnormal or even completely destroyed base station functions. There is no signal even within a few kilometers near the base station. Residents cannot use their mobile phones normally. Therefore, we recommend that users consider and contact manufacturers’ qualifications and R&D capability investigations to avoid suffering major accidents and customer service pain.

2. Pay attention when installing the mobile phone jammer.

Cellular signal portable jammer will prevent residents from using their phones normally. This is mainly caused by the following factors.

Answer: The cell phone signal jammer is too strong to remove the shielding range from the length or width of the prison. The solution is to ensure that the user can select the supplier while ensuring that the included mobile phone jammer can be adjusted through wireless computer software or remotely to adjust the interference area without interfering with the external prison area.

B. The interference of the mobile phone is too strong to make the antenna feedback too large to cover the prison area. The solution is as follows:

If the jammer of the mobile phone cannot cover the front-end area, the output power should be adjusted. Therefore, we suggest that interferers should also check the technical parameters of the supplier’s antenna. Suppliers provide qualified antennas before delivery. Mobile phone jammers require the antenna to have a good forward/backward ratio to reduce the antenna’s backward coverage.

b. If the output power setting and the supplied antenna still do not meet the requirements, you can reserve a certain height to lift the antenna when creating the antenna installation design. Once the antenna is installed to a certain height, please adjust the angle of the antenna. Do not allow the jamming transmitter to cover the outside area of ​​the prison through the rear of the antenna to avoid interfering with the communication in the residential area.

Note: Some providers may also provide adjustable outputs for prison jammers. However, you should approach the device and open the case to manually adjust the output power. We recommend that you do not usually use this jammer. If you install the jammer in a higher position above the floor, once a non-professional prison guard receives a complaint, you must raise this height and adjust it.