People pay more attention to the coverage area of ​​the jammer and its signal blocking ability

Recently, the Internet has increasingly focused on cell phone jammers, especially how to create your own jammers. perfectjammer and our manufacturing experts are indistinguishable from each other, so decided to create your own guidelines for you. It is important to remember that manufacturing such complex equipment is very difficult and requires some electronic skills and knowledge

First of all, you should know that there are three ways to interfere with cell phone signals:

1. Spoofing (false signals are sent to the device, the device is turned off or other failures occur)
2.DoS (denial of service, when the signal band is full of radio junk, replacing the normal signal and cannot be turned on)-or omitted)
3. TEMPEST (EMF) shielding (shield all objects of incoming and outgoing signals with bubbles)

Our experts use the second method, therefore: deception is a good method, but it requires precise adjustment and control, although untrained users may be difficult to use. EMF shields are usually cool, but tied in one place, so you can forget any type of portability. Therefore, DoS is still the best choice, because all mobile devices of the selected frequency can be interfered by a certain area covered by the portable jammer. If you want to expand the coverage area of ​​the jammer and its signal blocking capability, it is the RF amplification unit you need. The greater the power of the signal blocker, the greater the radius of its block. As you can imagine, the cost is the working time of the battery. The greater the power, the shorter the battery life.

In the electronics market, there are many gain-level units to choose from (7 dBm, 17 dBm, or even 20 + dBm). However, keep in mind that amplifiers with more power are larger and require better power supplies. The transmitter antenna is a tool for transmitting signals generated by jammers. The main feature of the antenna is VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio). If your antenna has a VSWR of 3 or less, this is what you need because the return loss of the antenna is small.

Jammer experts use SMA antennas because they can be easily removed or replaced. It is worth noting that unless you want to use a cell phone jammer in the TV remote control, it is best to use an omnidirectional antenna.

Power Source brings your creations to life. Typically, cell phone jammers use 5 VDC for operation. Therefore, you can use lithium-ion batteries to power your creation. If you use a universal power supply, you need an AC adapter. There are two types of power supplies: voltage doublers with switched capacitors or boost regulators based on inductors. The first is a simple and effective but unregulated solution. Therefore, you need an LDO controller to eliminate the voltage. The second type is regulated, but it is more expensive, more complex and requires precise specifications of all components to function properly. Our manufacturing staff uses boost controls to create. It takes more time and work, but it works better. AC-DC and DC-DC adapters are suitable for almost all types of mobile signal jammers.