Jammers cannot block all frequencies themselves

Marriott International was fined $600,000 by the government for interfering with the wifi jammer network of attendees at one of the hotels, forcing them to pay a maximum of $1,000 each to use the connected hotel. People on business trips often carry personal Wi-Fi hotspots, and these small devices can be connected to the Internet through cell phone towers. For only $50 a month, they can connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere, thereby avoiding the high fees charged by hotels, airports and conference rooms. Last year, an attendee at the Gaylord Preland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee (operated by Marriott) discovered that the hotel had been plugged into the ballroom equipment and complained to the federal government. Communications Committee. In the complaint, the guest said that he was performing at another Gaylord Hall.

Are you sure someone is watching you with a pinhole camera? It’s like putting the camera of a surveillance device in a movie, and then they can see the activity in another room from the screen. You can imagine how terrible this situation can be. To avoid monitoring pinhole cameras, you need to understand how it works. It can be simply divided into two steps: First, the camera can view and save your work according to the imaging principle, and then save the details. Passed to the receiver through wireless signal. The wireless GPS jammer can now be opposed. This interference may destroy the wireless signal, so that the pinhole camera can no longer send and receive signals. One of the signals from the device is to remember that the camera must be within a radius.

It is difficult to define the number of existing interfering devices. However, if there is a frequency, countermeasures should be taken to allow frequency interference. However, the entire frequency spectrum of this band is very wide, and it is impossible for jammers to block all frequencies themselves. In fact, it can never be a broad-spectrum jammer that can block all frequency bands. Therefore, jammers are used to target the most common communication frequency bands. Since the development cost of portable jammer devices is very high, jamming devices are dedicated to the most common frequencies. Among these groups (the most common) are: Recently, cellular jammers have been concentrated on GSM, GPRS, 2G, DCS, 3G and 4G frequencies. These jammers have the function of preventing or canceling audio communication and data transmission over the Internet. Usually used to avoid security risks and prevent information leakage and theft. It also helps prevent privacy risks. Some phones are used to automatically hold the call to listen to the conversation. These frequencies are also common in 3G GSM spies and currently 4G spy cameras and microphones. Therefore, these frequency suppressors can prevent and eliminate interference. Because of the triangulation of the signal, the locations that need to be avoided can be easily found by mobile phone users and are also very interesting. Although widely used in universities and schools, spy headsets or helmets used for cheating tests are generally avoided.