wifi jammer interrupted all evil thoughts

I have heard many people who “cut the wires” and they say they are no longer connected to the cables. What’s more disturbing is that they brag to the public online through social media. It puts people in danger, and many people ignore it. Potential thieves or home intruders are now hit hard. If they are even smarter, they can use it when invading your house. Like car lock jammers, cell phone jammer are illegal but still easy to find. Cell phone jammer batteries can be sold to residents of the United States and other countries/regions by shipping, even if they are from illegal online sites. The use of cell phone jammers can result in fines of up to $20,000. However, if criminals can buy guns without a license, it is not difficult to hold a phone jammer. Jammers have been widely used in the civilian field, mainly to ensure the safety of company meetings and prevent information leakage. Spy headsets are widely used due to their ease of use, so they are very effective in preventing students from cheating in exams and competitions. Telecommunications technology. Mobile jammers are the main asset to prevent unnecessary calls in social situations (such as meetings, conferences, theaters, churches, etc.)

Therefore, after one hour of troubleshooting, temporarily removing all security protections from the wifi jammer and plugging the wifi router into the Wii as close as possible, I found that the Wii cannot receive signals from me. The maximum distance of the WiFi network is 10 cm! Even so, the bandwidth (network speed) still seems too slow. Well, I gave up this day because the kids want to play Wii sports. I just thought the Wii card was risky, but later that night, I encountered an eye-opener while watching satellite TV in bed. You see, I have satellite TV, which can play the main TV. But, at the beginning of this year, I hope I can watch all these beautiful satellite TV channels on my bedroom TV. Therefore, I purchased a cheap “Technika” broadcasting solution. The local supermarket costs 20 pounds (about 40 US dollars) instead of paying more money to the satellite company to buy a second set-top box, Sat Box. The device includes a broadcasting unit connected to the scart output of the satellite TV decoder. The broadcasting unit sends TV images, sound and even infrared signals from the remote control to the receiver, which is connected to the Scart input on the TV. From the room. My epiphany was that in theory the TV broadcast unit would block Wi-Fi signals, especially because Wii and TV broadcast services are located under the main TV. Therefore, I turned off the TV streaming device and immediately connected the Wii to the Internet.