The purpose of wifi jammer is to avoid communication equipment

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations, Marriott will charge conference exhibitors a Gaylord Wi-Fi fee ranging from US$250 to US$1,000 per device. The FCC refuses to publish the customer’s original complaint, unless the freedom of information law requires that this usually takes several weeks. While accepting the fine, Marriott also defended the interference with its guests’ Wi-Fi. The company said its goal is not to charge customers additional Internet access fees, but to protect its network. She said that the hotel’s behavior was legal and urged the FCC to change its rules “to eliminate the current chaos” and “weigh the pros and cons of its basic policy.” “Marriott has a vested interest to ensure that our customers are protected from untrusted wireless access points when using our Wi-Fi service, which can lead to reduced service quality, insidious cyber attacks and flights. Identity” , The company told Said in a statement. Hospitals and universities use similar interference practices.

Everyone knows that once a choice is made, things will happen according to what you do, for better or worse, it will be done and it will never change. Therefore, people should be extra careful before making a decision. You need to know what it can do for you. For example, the school and major you choose will definitely affect your life. After a few years, you may have decided what you want to do and how to make a living. Obviously, this is the main problem in your life. However, even if you make changes, the situation will change. You plan to buy products such as gsm jammer on the Internet; and you think you have not read the product specifications carefully, so you cannot use them. Not applicable to your country/region, because different countries/regions use different frequencies. These things may not save you money, but your time is more valuable. I mean, people need to think more about life and then think twice in order to make a decision, especially in life, which is very important to your life.

The GPS jammer on the GPS tracker has many frequency bands, but the most famous is L1 (Extended Civilian). There are four other frequency bands on the GPS frequency, which are used for police, military, government and scientific research. GPS jamming devices are mainly used to avoid being tracked by GPS locators or being monitored by third parties who have been aware of our activities. Nowadays, it is easy to find spyware that can be easily installed on a mobile phone to monitor the location in real time. GPS tracking system allows them to focus on our business, insurance companies can monitor the use of cars and vehicles can be monitored through the fleet control system, which always shows your location and many other uses related to location control. Communication with mobile satellites. Used for WIFI or BLUETOOTH cameras and wireless jammers, the purpose of wifi jammers is to avoid using communication equipment based on 2.4 GHz civil frequency band communication, although there are also 5.6/5 frequency bands. , 8 GHz, more and more after the 2.4 GHz frequency band is saturated and used. These frequencies include almost all household appliances such as phones, computers, routers, set-top boxes, wireless microphones, most miniature cameras and spy equipment.