The main function of the jammer is safety

We have heard a lot about the Internet of Things, and more and more Internet of Things are connected to the Internet. However, in addition to the fact that these devices have been connected to the Internet, they are also increasingly using different radio frequencies for connection or control. These radio frequencies usually use proprietary or insecure protocols, so it is usually impossible to intercept the signal to destroy the signal, but just block it. A recent case in Manchester shows that our RF addiction can be very vulnerable. In this example, the thief used a simple car lock cell phone jammer to break into the car, causing confusion in the parking lot, no one could unlock/lock their car lock and eventually triggered multiple alarms. The operating frequency of car locks in North America is 315 MHz, and in Europe and Asia it is 433 MHz. Although GPS jammers are illegal in most countries/regions, in many places, the price of selling these devices at these frequencies is about $50 to $200, depending on the range and manufacturing quality of the device.

In the “Wi-Fi Security Blog Trilogy”, I will introduce the opportunities I occasionally encounter when interfering with Wi-Fi signals, especially in the UK, where WiFi has recently seen some explosive developments. In the UK, entire urban communities are already compatible with WiFi. There is no doubt that we will increasingly rely on WiFi networks. Anyone who has read official books on computer security will have a comprehensive understanding of the CIA’s triad of security, confidentiality, integrity, and availability. This article will discuss uptime, that is, blocking WiFi signals. Now has better WiFi jammers that can help you.

A few weeks ago, I finally gave in and purchased a Nintendo Wii game console for my kids. I think this will keep them physically active while playing video games, which is correct. Either way, I put the Wii under the main TV, and then try to connect the Wii to my home Wi-Fi network, which will allow the Wii to receive software updates, weather forecasts and even browse with the Wii Opera web browser The internet. Soon it was discovered that Wii could not connect to the WiFi network. The main function of the jammer is safety. Today, telecommunications has become more and more popular, allowing hackers, businesses and other organizations to easily monitor the activities of telecommunications users. As part of your security, please avoid vandalism, theft of information, and remote or automatic activation of potentially lethal and potentially explosive devices. For security reasons, the police and security departments are the main users of the frequency suppression system to ensure the lives of agents (tactical operations) or citizens, barracks, police stations and prisons prevent communication between prisoners and associates or prevent other crimes as well. happened. It is also used to protect people, personal protective equipment and senior officials, in which case they are forced to use it, especially to prevent remote activation of explosives.