Mobile phone jammers can also destroy Wi-Fi signals

If a thief or an intruder activates any of these devices from outside your home, your phone will no longer be able to receive signals, and you will no longer be able to make emergency calls for help. Many of these jammers can also disrupt Wi-Fi, so you can easily turn off all communications within your home by simply tapping the switch on these devices. Although more and more people are “cutting off the power cord,” this has also caused problems for traditional alarm systems that rely on land lines. If the ground wire is cut, an alarm is usually triggered at the alarm monitoring station. Nowadays, alarms can be wired via an Internet connection or using a cellular connection. However, both of these new methods have problems. If the Internet or cellular connection is disconnected, the alert provider is usually not notified. Thieves can easily disconnect from the Internet at home, and we have seen what can be done using mobile cell phone jammer. Many operators also sell other home automation and security equipment and services, from alarm systems to cameras and locks. However, when the mixer is introduced into the mixture, especially when criminals are familiar with the technology, the question arises whether these equipment and safety measures are working properly. These jammers can also disrupt industrial systems and block battery reception with a small amount of power grid. It is conceivable that this tactic can not only be used by criminals, but also can be transformed into a means of attack.

The next day, I did some experiments with my laptop. I noticed that the TV broadcasting unit has been opened. In some parts of the house, the signal strength of the WiFi network has been reduced by two-thirds, and all connections to the WiFi network have been deleted downstairs. Therefore, an effective Wi-Fi jammer can be obtained at a very cheap cost. I think with some custom settings, we can expand the range of Wi-Fi interference and make it a mobile device. I can think of many bad uses of WiFi interference, especially to cause other attacks, but it’s good. Although you may need to check applicable laws, in practice there may be policies that prohibit WiFi. broadcast. Military applications focus on the use of portable frequency jammers in tactical operations to avoid long-distance explosive explosions (IED) or prevent target communication to enhance power or communicate with separating agents. Tactical intervention.

Jammers in buildings, institutions and places: In certain secure areas, it is necessary to block incoming and outgoing communications. The main purpose is to prevent unauthorized communication with mobile phones, cameras, miniature cameras, microphones, data transmission, etc. by unauthorized devices. Although these devices can block more conventional frequencies, they cannot always block the entire telecom spectrum. The safest known method is the Faraday cage, which is a monolithic lining with a metal cage (here) that can block external communication, but since it is neither feasible nor feasible, it can also block internal communication.