Jammers usually avoid privacy risks based on mobile frequencies

Their popularity continues to grow: small cameras can be installed at home or anywhere in the house, and can monitor anything connected to the Internet at any time. CR showed some models using its own mobile applications. There are also some video baby monitors that work through the home Wi-Fi network and send video to a dedicated application or monitor. These are equivalent to CCTV cameras (closed circuit television) in modern times. However, since many new cameras use wireless network connections, they are no longer “turned off”. The problem is: we found that, just like the footage in the movie “Mission Impossible”, as long as the attacker of the laptop “work over Wi-Fi”, they can easily disable the security camera from outside the house.

The FCC announced that it arrested the driver of a Ford F-150 pickup truck at the airport on August 4, 2012 for using a gps jammer and fined $32,000. On August 3, the FAA filed a complaint of interference. The pilot Gary P. Bojczak was arrested by a New York law enforcement officer who used a directional sniffer to patrol the airport. The FCC stated that Bojczak “admitted to possessing and using radio transmission equipment that would prevent GPS transmissions. Mr. Bojczak claimed that jammers were installed and used in the company’s vehicles to prevent Bojczak from returning the jammers to FCC agents voluntarily. So far, with There is not much collateral damage related to GPS interference, but people are worried that the use of the technology may have unexpected effects. Cockshott said: “People are worried that someone broke into a truck full of iPhones in Dover, maybe Will force GPS to cross the strait, in the fog at night. “If this happens, there will be a real risk of collision, death or landing. ”

Vehicle jammers: These jammers are placed in most commercial vehicles to avoid serious security risks such as terrorist attacks or government opponents. They usually have a medium range, but obviously do not have all frequencies, but the goal is to provide bubbles with enough range to avoid direct bomb impact. It is also used to prevent safety risks, such as vehicle location. For VIP or VIP, these devices are bulletproof devices, so they can be used in any situation. Personal jammers: These jammers are usually based on mobile frequencies and are mainly used to avoid privacy risks. They are usually worn during business and business sales meetings to avoid interference and always focus on conversations or prevent theft of information through mobile communications. It is also commonly used to scramble GPS locators to avoid unnecessary third-party tracking. Another typical application is for teachers to use priests (churches) in exams to avoid annoying interruptions. Criminal disruptors: Any object or device, from knives to cars, can be used for criminal purposes, so people or groups sometimes use disruptors to protest to promote the idea of ​​restricting others. , Can be used by the company’s external or internal agents to prevent any commercial activity or revenge.