Cell Phone Jammers Avoid Leaks

Every company encounters the behavior of employees playing mobile phones at work in their daily work, which greatly reduces work efficiency and also causes information security problems, especially in government agencies. It is easy to be stolen by illegal elements, which is a very dangerous thing for agencies and units. Later, many companies found a product called a cell phone jammer on the market, which can effectively block electronic signals such as network and wifi, so to prevent such incidents from happening, government agencies will be equipped with cell phone signal jammers or cell phone signal shielding. cabinets to avoid leaks.

In general, the widespread use of mobile phones is a double-edged sword. The benefits of mobile phones need not be described too much, but for some unique venues, the application of mobile phones should be limited or even strictly prohibited. In some unique places, such as factory production workshops, the application of mobile phones is limited. According to the traditional management system, staff supervision, punishment system, etc., it is impossible to completely eradicate and eliminate the flooded applications of mobile phones. From the perspective of technical equipment, a more feasible method is to install mobile phone signal jammers or mobile phone signal jamming system software in appropriate parts of the factory area. Each mobile phone signal jammer can cover a certain area. The coverage area is covered by a multi-tube networking scheme, so as to completely shield the signal in the block area.