Cell Phone Jammers Create Quiet Learning Environments

There are many manufacturers of cell phone jammer, but most of them have the same function. The main function is to prevent mobile phones from receiving signals and base stations to send signals, and to shield and monitor mobile phones in specified areas. The mobile phone signal shielding device can be used in many scenarios, such as bookstores, hospitals, schools, examination rooms, prisons, cinemas, conference rooms, police stations and other places. In recent years, many companies/institutions have installed cell phone signal jammers. Many schools have already installed cell phone signal jammers. The purpose of installing cell phone signal jammers is to provide students with a good learning environment in the classroom. In the past, students played mobile phones, games, sending messages, reading novels, etc. in the classroom. It happens all the time, but there is no effective way to stop it. After the mobile phone signal jammer was installed in the back, I rarely saw this happening, which helped the teacher solve a big problem.

That is to say, how long a mobile phone signal jammer can block is not only related to its own signal strength, but also to the distance between the communication base stations in the natural environment of the application (communication base stations are not limited to large and medium-sized signal transmission towers built on the ground). , there are also signal expansion wireless antennas on the roof and some signal expansion and spread in the building), and another key reason is the obstruction, if it is a metal material, it will immediately block; if it is a solid wall of concrete structure, after passing through The loss will be 10 times less; if it is a wood panel, the loss after transmission of the laminated glass material may be smaller. Therefore, the next time a customer asks how long the interference distance is, it is necessary to ask the distance between the communication base stations in the natural environment, and then whether the room is still used outdoors or not, whether to go over the wall or not. Customers can leave a message online to Guanyu Electronic Devices to master the application method of signal jammers. Only by understanding this, can we choose a suitable mobile phone signal jammer for customers.