Cell phone signal jammers block a variety of different signals

With the development of the information age, more and more electronic information products have been upgraded and improved, and mobile phones have been constantly updated with more and more functions. Many students in schools already have their own mobile phones. They are also playing with their mobile phones, and even when they walk, they don’t forget to lower their heads and play with their mobile phones, which seriously affects the students’ academic time and energy, and also threatens the safety of students on the road. Moreover, it has been reported that mobile phone addiction is like drug addiction, and it is seriously used for the brain development of students. After investigation, long-term mobile phone users watch on average for more than 8 hours a day. If this continues, students’ studies and health will definitely be overwhelmed. Then, in the face of these How can we solve the problems caused by mobile phones?

In fact, it is very simple. Some schools have already installed mobile phone signal interference devices, which can effectively interfere with mobile phone signals. The mobile cell phone jammer can be installed in suitable occasions such as classrooms, examination rooms, offices, etc. The mobile phone signal jammer can effectively shield mobile phone signals, wifi signals, base station signals, and hotspot signals. Without cell phone signals, students can’t access the Internet, which can achieve the desired effect. First of all, it is necessary to understand the basic functions of the shielding mobile phone signal meter. The mobile phone signal shielding device will send out wireless signals that specifically interfere with the mobile phone signal during operation, and then various problems will be encountered in the transmission over a long distance, which will lead to signal decay, such as the original reinforced concrete road. The degree of error is different for occluders, plank occlusions, etc. For example, reinforced concrete smoke shielding can basically completely attenuate the mobile phone signal jammer, and the shielding device usually bypasses the shield. After all, the signal shielding device cannot penetrate too thick walls.