Is there such thing as an iPod jammer?

Hello guys! I know that there are many different jammers that have been already made but is there such device as an iPod jammer? Many thanks in advance!

As a subscriber to the cell phone system, I expect to have the right to use my phone almost anywhere. Where it is not welcome in places such as doctors’ offices, theaters and some restaurants, a sign is usually posted to inform those who enter that cell phones should not be used indoors. Mel Samples, who runs a wireless consulting company in Los Angeles and with whom we have worked closely over the years, has a better approach to the problem of mobile phone use in prisons

To jam all wireless connections in the area you need to purchase one of our WiFi jammers – this model would be just perfect for you. We also have a great device which is able to jam both GPS and GSM frequencies at the same time and this is our FF-15 jammer. Thus any kind of iPod’s activities (except playing music, of course) can be successfully stopped.

Oh, by the way, iPad and iPhone are also have possible threats for you, thus watch yourself and be aware of modern technological dangers! 😉