Can I block Verizon Fleet Administrator hardware?

I need a jammer to block Verizon Fleet Administrator hardware. I don’t know much about it. Does it use true GPS or cell phone tower tracking? Please help!

According to Defensetech, Battelle Labs sells its DroneDefender portable drone jammer to the Ministry of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security. The jammer, which looks like a cross between an old school TV antenna and an assault rifle, can stop drones at more than 400 meters.

he US government buys a hundred or so porous drone jammers to protect government facilities, assets and personnel. The jammer interferes with the drones’ radio controls, avoiding dangerous alternatives involving bullets and other projectiles.

The tracking mechanism of the Verizon Fleet Administrator is based solely on GPS tracking technology, while other signals are used for additional features like in-vehicle messaging (with additional hardware) or turn-by-turn navigation. Thus the only frequency you need to block is GPS band that is used by the system to track your vehicle.

In order to prevent your vehicle from being tracked by this high-tech tracking system you need to use Verizon Fleet Administrator jammer in your vehicle because even if the vehicle’s electric system is down GPS tracker will still work for about 8 hours using its built-in battery and sending your coordinates to the monitoring center.

I hope this information will help you to deal with your problem and to have your life really improved! 😉