Can I prevent my headset from spying on me in the future?

Hi folks! In the future I want to get a headset for myself and use it as my hands-free communication device but there is one problem. I’ve read that Sony wants to make it capable of determining my location and even more, so other headset manufacturers will probably do the same thing in order to compete with Sony. Is there a way to prevent this in the future?

The military is developing a new battlefield tool that will help land forces navigate in hostile territory without the GPS platforms being vulnerable. Instead, fighters will use radio frequency signals as a source of positioning information. To view navigation solutions on a map, the tool connects to a smartphone running the Air Force Android Tactical Assault Kit.

The feature I am talking about is that your headset will determine the direction you are looking in. Using the GPS data acquired from your smartphone together with the direction data received from your headset this wireless combination will predict the location you are heading to. So I can understand why you are willing to prevent this in the future.

I guess that it is absolutely pointless to advise you to forget about purchasing wireless headset, so I will say you next thing. In order to have a headset without being tracked you need to block headset-based navigation pointer and prevent it from predicting your direction and location you are planning to visit.

Well-known longitudinal GPS jammers has a strong interference performance, and can block the enemy on the signal battlefield, the collapse of radio systems, plays a vital role in the outcome of the war. The US military is working on a new technology designed to avoid the threat of GPS jamming. We come to a detailed look at this event.