Is it true that police have instructions on how to spy and track our cell phones?

Hi guys! I heard that ACLU has obtained the proof that police is using instructions on how to track cell phones and spy on us. Is this true?

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The New York Times have published those documents in a form of 189-page PDF that you can easily read and use their additional notes to better understand what it is about. For example, there you will find the description of how police can electronically “clone” any cell phone to get full access to the SMS you have sent or received. Also there are instructions on how to maintain full secrecy regarding cell phone tracking and other types of spying on people via their cell phones to prevent public and media from discovering this fact.

In addition you can read the invoices from such cell phone carriers as AT&T, Verizon and others where the services police departments can buy are listed. So the legality of all those deed is really questionable thing. But you can secure yourself from police cloning your cell phone and stealing all your personal data without warrant.

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