Can I avoid SilverCloud Sync GPS Tracking?

Good day everyone! There is a new type of GPS tracker appeared on the market. It is called SilverCloud Sync. Can I use any GPS jammer to have some protection against it?

Because jammers now come in much smaller sizes, they are very easy to carry. Portable personal jammers slip into the palm of your hand or slip easily into your coat pocket. So, the next time someone in your commuter bus refuses to shut up, you can simply reach your backpack and light a temporary “dead zone” with your jammer. Then come back to peace and tranquility.

Your superiors can also place event-based and time-based alarms, monitor the number of your stops, and all that they can do using web-browser based software that in addition allows them to share received information via corporate sites, personal site, blog and Facebook page, letting many other people to get your location data in real time.

In order to prevent all this from happening you can block LandAirSea Systems SilverCloud Sync GPS tracker and avoid your location and other data from being available to the many people in the blink of an eye.

Cell phone jammers are devices that create a temporary “dead zone” to all mobile phone traffic in their immediate vicinity. Scramblers are generally used by police and the military to control or disrupt communication during hostage-taking and bomb threats. Traditionally, jammers were large antennas mounted on trailers that had to be pulled behind a truck. They now come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including models that are about the size of a cell phone.