Does Verizon Remote Diagnostics tool poses a threat to me?

Hi everyone! I want to buy LG Revolution soon but I heard that Verizon put their Remote Diagnostics tool there by default and I will not be able to get rid of it. Is there something I must know about it?

We all wanted to strangle them before. There is nothing worse than idiots on their cell phone jammer  while you try to enjoy a movie, a meal in a restaurant or a quiet nap on the bus or train to work. In fact, listening only one side of a stupid conversation makes us pay more attention than usual. Our brain is waiting for information from both sides of a conversation, and it will try to fill in the blanks. You can try to send the blabber a few bad looks or the old “courtesy cough”, but these passive aggressive gestures rarely work.

Do you remember the Carrier IQ case? Here and now we have almost the same situation, except now we know what is the official purpose of the software in our smartphones. Still as it was with Carrier IQ software, HTC LogMeIn Remote and Verizon AetherPal Diagnostics tool are not uninstallable. And those companies are trying to lie to us and say that it is not true that the only thing they really want is to spy on us day and night.

So if you want to be sure that your new smartphone won’t spy on you you can either root your mobile device or prevent HTC LogMeIn Remote and Verizon AetherPal Diagnostics tool from spying on you.