How can I protect my own privacy these days?

Hi guys! I have heard so many different things about how our government and large corporations are violating my privacy so I want to know – is there a way to secure my privacy from all of them?

In the eyes of many people, the signal jammer is just a tool to block the signal. There is no other goal. You really understand the jammer? Let me briefly explain for you today.

Want some examples? Companies want to know more about us for targeted ads. Your friends and family can spy on you. The microphone in your smartphone can be used for eavesdropping. Your hotel might have mini-bar spying on you. Your shoes can track your location and tell bad guys where are you now. You might get a bill shock after pleasant trip. Government is spying on you. Plenty of famous companies are snooping around your information. And this is only small part from the full list.

Paul Venezia in his article at Infoworld describes current situation in the very interesting manner and with a little bit of irony. But if you put together what he wrote there and world tendency to spy on everyone, as it is already clearly seen at least in United Kingdom, India and, as it was recently discovered, USA, then you will probably agree that soon all of us might need to do all we can to stop our privacy from being stolen from us.

Perhaps the most effective method is the phone scrambler, which can quickly and effectively block cell phone signals. Keep the mosque quiet.